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Bag sealing tape factory

Yiwu Topban AdhesIive Tape CO.,LTD is a Bag sealing tape factory,"Quality First, Gredit Utmost" is the tenet of Rio state. Under the support of Clients in Home and abroad and all circles in society.
Bag sealing tape, commonly known as: self-adhesive stickers. Consists of four parts: water glue, oil glue, polyester film is PET, PO, PP film, mainly used for envelopes, stationery, clothing, OPP, PE material plastic bag sealing. Adhesion good, good retention, and can be reused, not unglued, glue residue, special edge to stay, easy to tear from the properties. The outer layer from the film for a variety of colors.
How to distinguish between left glue or the right adhesive tape: rubber facing their own, that is on that side of the plastic facing their own hand to pull the tape, cut-off point just above the glue was left rubber on the left, and vice versa to the right glue.
Product Category:
(1) from the film features:
A) ordinary blank Bag Sealing Tape
2) The red, white lines Bag Sealing Tape
3) printing character pattern sealed tape (such as customer LOGO)
(2) by end-use classification (customer plastic bag material):
1) OPP bag with ordinary Bag Sealing Tape
2) PE bags environmentally friendly sealed plastic bags
3) The composite bag with strong sticky Bag Sealing Tape

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Add: ChiAn Industrial Zone, Yiwu, Zhejiang
Factory Tel: 0579-85165507
Marketing Tel: 0579-85163577
E-mail: info@ywtuobang.com
Mobile :13616796616

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