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Double sided tape

Double sided tape is paper, cloth, plastic film to the substrate, then the elastic body pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin type pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on these substrates made rolls of adhesive tape from the substrate,adhesives, release paper (film) or call the silicone paper consists of three parts.
Double-sided adhesive substrate: substrate double-sided adhesive
Based on cotton paper, PET, PVC film, non-woven, foam, acrylic foam, film ~ ~ and so on to the substrate, two-sided uniform coating elastic body pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, propylene acids pressure sensitive adhesive tape rolls or sheets made in the above-mentioned substrate, substrates, adhesives, isolation paper (film) parts.
Substrate-free double sided tape: (elastic body pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-based pressure sensitive adhesives, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive ~ ~, etc.) adhesive coated release paper (film) materials made of rolls or sheet of adhesive tape by the adhesive, the isolation paper (film) parts.
Double-sided tape adhesive: divided into solvent-based adhesive tape (oily double-sided adhesive) emulsion adhesive tape (water-based double-sided adhesive), the hot melt adhesive tape, rolling-type adhesive tape, a reactive adhesive tape . Generally widely used in leather, nameplates, stationery, electronics, automotive trim, fixed, footwear, paper, handicraft paste positioning purposes. The hot melt double-sided adhesive stickers, stationery, office and other aspects. The oily double sided tape is mainly used in leather, pearl cotton, sponge, shoe products, such as high viscosity. Embroidery double sided tape is mainly used in computer embroidery.
Double-sided tape types: double-sided tape types: Grid-sided tape, reinforced double-sided tape, Rubber double-sided tape, high temperature double-sided tape, non-woven, double-sided tape, double-sided tape adhesive residue, tissue-paper pairs face tape, double-sided glass cloth tape, PET double-sided tape, foam double-sided tape, hot melt adhesive tape, electrical tape, PET tape, masking tape, electrical tape, high temperature tape, Mylar tape, substrate tape. acetate cloth tape, PVC tape used in the production process of all walks of life;
Double sided tape: white glue, butter, gum, water glue, embroidery glue.

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