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Masking tape

Masking tape is a textured paper and pressure sensitive water as the main raw material, pressure sensitive adhesive paper coating lines in the United States, another top coat made of anti-sticking materials and rolls of adhesive tape.High temperature, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft, obedient and then tear without leaving adhesive residue characteristics. Industry known as textured paper pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. English MASKING the TAPE.
The tape to import white textured paper as a substrate, made of the weathering rubber Department of pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on one side. High temperature, solvent, and then peel the adhesive residue and excellent performance! The products comply with ROHS environmental requirements. High temperature paint spray paint for furniture surface of the automobile, steel or plastic device masking, also applies to electronic \ electrical \ varistor \ circuit boards and other industries.
Masking tape depending on the temperature can be divided into: normal temperature masking tape, the U.S. profile of paper tape medium temperature and high temperature masking tape. According to the different adhesive can be divided into: low stick masking tape, textured paper and sticky tape, and high viscosity masking tape.
Technical parameters:
General characteristics of the model substrate plastic standard size
Specification of the color of the material thickness (MM) Adhesion N/25mm elongation% Temperature resistance ℃
802-80 textured paper white, yellow rubber 0.14 5-1020MM * 50M 8 8 80
802-12 textured paper white, yellow rubber 0.14 5-1020MM * 50M 11.8 7 120
802-14 textured paper white, yellow rubber 0.14 5-1020MM * 50M 8.3 8 140
802-18 textured paper white, yellow rubber 0.16 5-1020MM * 50M 8.5 10 180

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