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Warning tape

Warning tape also known as marking tape affixed to the tape, floor tape, to standard tape. Is a PVC film, coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive tape substrate made of.
Product Features: Warning tape has the advantage of waterproof, moisture, weathering, corrosion, anti-static, etc., apply to the air duct, water pipes, pipelines and other underground piping corrosion protection.
A viscous, can be used for ordinary concrete floor
2 than the floor plan paint, simple operation
Not only can be used in ordinary ground, can also be used on wood floors, ceramic tile, marble, wall and machines (and the floor plan paint only in the common ground)
Paint can not draw a two-color lines Specifications: 4.8 cm wide, 25 meters long, a total of 1.2 square meters; 0.15 mm thick
The scope of products: twill printed tape can be used to ground, column, construction, transportation and other areas of the warning signs.
Anti-static warning tape for floor area warning, carton sealing warning, product packaging warning colors: yellow, black, in English warning signs, viscous oily special high viscosity rubber glue, anti-static warning tape surface resistance 107-109 ohms, warning tape is used to identify the warning area, split hazard warning label classification of black, yellow or red, white lines and a variety of styles to choose from; surface wear resistance, can withstand high traffic foot; cohesive good certain anti-corrosion, acid-base properties, anti-wear. Uses: Paste on the floor, wall and machine prohibited from warning to remind and emphasize the role.
Marking tape when used as the zoning, called crossed tape region tape; do warning, called the warning tape. But in fact the two are the same thing. When used as the zoning, there is no relevant standard or conventional argument to the provisions of what the region needs to divide what color, green, yellow, blue, white and are generally in use. When used as a warning, according to GB 2893-2001 "safety colors" and released in 2003 by the Ministry of Health in the workplace occupational hazard warning signs on "monochrome red, yellow, green, and two-tone red and white, green and white can be used as a warning line and the yellow and black. Here, we propose to make a distinction between the crossed tape and warning tape. White, yellow and green to use as a dash; with red, white and red, green, white and yellow and black as a reminder.
When used as a warning, the red to prohibit and prevent the meaning of; green and white and white stripes red and white stripes prohibit people into a dangerous environment; said that prompt people to pay special attention to the meaning of yellow and black stripes; more striking reminder of the people.

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